What is Regulatory Risk Compliance Advisory?

Regulatory Compliance Risk Advisory is a professional practice that specifically focuses on the risks related to companies’ regulatory compliance. Companies must comply with a set of regulations and laws applicable to their industry, which can be complex and difficult to manage.

MLR Advisory works with companies to ensure they comply with these regulations and laws while minimizing the risks associated with non-compliance. It helps companies understand regulatory requirements, develop compliance policies and procedures, implement compliance monitoring systems, and manage risks related to regulatory compliance.

What is compliance ?

Compliance is the set of processes designed to ensure that a company, its managers and its employees respect the legal and ethical standards applicable to them. The objective is to protect companies from the financial, legal and reputational risks they incur when they do not respect laws, regulations, agreements or simply a certain ethic or deontology. Indeed, when a company is implicated, the consequences are financial, commercial and human: the company in question will inevitably suffer from the reputation it has been given, since a tarnished image will make it more difficult to access financing.

What are the compliance issues covered by MLR Advisory and its partners?


  • Bribes, illicit commissions
  • Gifts, donations, sponsorship
  • Facilitation payments
  • Relations with third parties
  • Relationships with public officials, lobbying

Anti-Competitive practice

  • Vertical/horizontal cartels
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Unfair competition
  • Economic dependence

Anti-money laundering

  • Knowledge of the customer

Trade Restriction / export

  • Export control
  • Boycott
  • Trade sanctions and embargoes

Intellectual property

  • Trademarks and copyrights
  • Trade secrets
  • Patent law

Human ressources

  • Illegal work
  • Child labor
  • Harassment
  • Other violations of labor law / human rights

Health, Safety, Environnement

  • Environmental regulations
  • CSR
  • Working conditions
  • Permit and license management
  • Management of hazardous materials

Data Protection

  • Protection of sensitive / personal data
  • Use of social media
  • Insider trading

Product quality


MLR provides a wide range of services related to investment to local as well as foreign companies.


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