Who we are

As a true "glocal" player, we encourage and promote the growth of companies.

MLR is an advisory firm based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We support our clients towards the success of their business through an understanding, a medium and long term vision and an analysis of internal and external factors, supported by both financial expertise and a solid knowledge of Process & Policies related to international standards.

Our ambition is to go hand in hand with Vietnamese companies towards their international development but also to promote exchanges between the local economic tissue and foreign companies willing to invest around Hanoi in Vietnam and more particularly in Nam Dinh’s province, located 90 km south-east from the capital.

This region, with its strategic geographical position and dynamism, has one of the most important potential in terms of business creation in the country.

Based on our strong regional roots, we are willing to contribute to the development of the Vietnamese industry on a national level as well as in the region of Southeast Asia thanks to our presence and network in Myanmar and in Thailand.

Lastly, MLR is a member of French Chamber of Commerce and Eurocham in Vietnam.