In addition to our core activities, we offer a range of training courses covering topics such as accounting and finance for entrepreneurs and non-finance managers as well as on the use of software such as Excel to support businesses.

Excel training:

From beginner to advanced level, this course has been designed to provide practical guidance and support to help you become more comfortable and more efficient using EXCEL

Key points covered:

- Key foundations
- Essential formulas & Syntax
- How to perform calculation more efficiently
- Tips & tricks
- Practical case studies entirely based on client’s needs

Accounting and finance training:

Our accounting basic knowledge for Entrepreneur and Non Finance Manager course provides an introduction to all different basic type of accounting, from bookkeeping to tax accounting and provide practical insight on how accounting can influence decision making.

Key points covered:

- Four types of accounting
- Uses and understanding of Financial Statements (Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow statement).
- Tax compliance
- Case studies