Strategic and reputational risk

During the company’s lifespan, management has to continually make strategic choices in order to pursue the development of company’s activities. These strategic choices correspond to expectations of shareholders and customers. While these choices must be taken to promote growth and profits, company has to adopt a strategy which will help to ascertain means required to achieve its goals. Strategies are numerous and must provide to the company a competitive advantage:

  • The strategy of domination by the cost;
  • The innovation and technology strategy;
  • The differentiation strategy;
  • Cooperation strategies.

Risks associated with these strategies can be detrimental to the company’s facilities, organisation and reputation because of a lack of study around it at an initial stage. These risk have two different nature: on the one hand, there are risks which will have potentially serious consequences (putting the viability of the company at risk) and on the other hand, risks which have consequences likely to prevent the strategy’s success.

We are able to support any company that wants to implement its strategy while taking into consideration foreseeable risks. All functions of the company must take into account the strategic risk and be responsible for the risks within their competence. Risk identification, risk assessment, measures’s definition and risk monitoring can be suggested and implemented by our services hand in hand with you.