Legal and regulatory risk

In a globalized environment, local companies must take into account increasingly complex regulatory and legal constraints in their internationalization process and exchanges with foreign partners:

At the top of these considerations and risks, the contractual risk has strong financial and legal repercussions when one of the two parties does not respect its obligations. Therefore this contractual expertise is essential in order to mark responsibilities out of each party.

Conscious of the importance of the legal and contractual question, we are able to offer the drafting of a matrix of commercial contracts as well as implement a monitoring system in relation to these contracts together with the analysis of a possible exposure due to non-compliance. We are also able to offer our Corporate Due Diligence services with regard to the contractual relationship you may have with a third party.

Secondly, legal disputes may arise because of the non-performance of an obligation, the defectiveness of a product, a hazard etc. While you should make the negotiation your first choice, it may harm the commercial relationship and the reputation of the company. Moreover, the time and money spent can penalise company’s daily management.

We can guide you in any contractual negotiation and provide advice on any potential legal dispute. We are able to draft any type of contract beforehand according to your expectations as well as local & international law in order to avoid any risk of legal conflict.

Thirdly, regulatory risks are the risks of a company having its license to operate "withdrawn" by a regulator (institutions, commissions, or government agencies), or having conditions applied (retrospectively or potentially). These risk would have a negative impact on a company’s economic value. In addition, local companies wishing to do business with U.S. or European companies will have to comply with the regulations related to the culture of ethics in those countries.

Compliance is a fundamental question and protects the company’s reputation. In this context, we are able to offer an implementation of a compliance monitoring software. With regard to operating permits, we can suggest a follow-up of your procedures within the limits of our capacities.

Conscious of all these risks, we take into account the type of legal structure as well as problems of each company in order to analyse various types of corporate governance. Following the identification and the evaluation of these risks, we are able to provide solutions suited to the needs of each company in the strictest respect of confidentiality and the Vietnamese and international legal framework.