Business Finance

Corporate finance or financial management, is the field of finance related to companies’ financial decisions. Its main purpose is to analyze and "maximize the value of the firm for its shareholders over a long period of time". It is, along with public finance and private finance, one of the three major fields of finance. James C. Van Horne, "Financial management and policy"

Corporate finance addresses three main issues:

- Investment decisions;
- Financing decisions;
- The remuneration policy for capital providers.

These issues link the expectation of financial profitability with uncertainty, in other words its risk. It is within this framework of arbitration between profitability and risk that the study of performance, through financial analysis, as well as financial modeling will take place.

With a view to accompanying our customers, we intervene on these arbitrations aiming to bring a new perspective thanks to our competences on the financial performances analysis.

Performance analysis and optimization:

  • Financial statements analysis
  • Economic indicators computation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Advice and guidance in the design of the company’s strategy

Budget forecast and financial modeling :

  • Costs control affecting profitability
  • Proposal of evaluation methods.
  • Business plans structure