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Legal & Tax Expertise

As a law firm, we offer a wide spectrum of legal services. These services are structured into four main business divisions:

Legal & Tax services

MLR Company Limited has a significant practice in Commercial and Contracts Law. Our lawyers offer their professional expertise and experience in structuring, negotiating and drafting contracts including but not limited to the following areas:

  1. FIDIC Contracts and Construction Contracts, which may be very large and complex in nature;
  2. Project Management Contracts / Project Development Contracts;
  3. Joint-venture Agreements;
  4. Lease Agreements;
  5. Sales Agreements;
  6. Distributorship Agreements;
  7. Franchise Agreements;
  8. Advertising and Promotions related Agreements;
  9. Technology Agreement;
  10. Labour and Employment Agreements.

MLR Company Limited Employment-Labour Laws practice covers broadly the following services:

  1. Preparation of Work Regulations;
  2. Preparation of Employees Code of Conduct;
  3. Social Benefits;
  4. Contracts (Employment Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.)
  5. Advising on Occupational, Health and Safety laws and regulations

MLR Company Limited enjoys considerable professional experience with regard to Anti-bribery Laws.
The firm has a vast experience in multiple aspects of anti-corruption matters, including but not limited to:

  1. Devise compliance programs relating to anti-bribery;
  2. Provide advice about Anti-corruption law/rules
  3. Requisite regulatory filings.

MLR Company Limited also provides advice related to:

  1. Consumer Protection Law
  2. Competition Law
  3. Intellectual Property Law
  4. Dispute Resolution

MLR provides services related to Accountancy, Tax compliance & Advisory:

  1. Bookkeeping under MFRS;
  2. Financial Statement preparation;
  3. Tax compliance (Tax return preparation & payment process to Internal Revenue Department;
  4. Tax management & optimization.

Incorporation of entities

Adopted in 2017, the Myanmar Companies Law has set up new procedure for incorporation. MLR Company Limited has a significant practice and experience in providing different services in Myanmar such as:

  1. Understanding legal and regulatory aspects of investing in Myanmar and doing business in Myanmar;
  2. Developing an appropriate entry strategy for setting up businesses in Myanmar;
  3. Seeking approvals from authorities;
  4. Incorporation of suitable entity such as private company, overseas corporation, etc;
  5. Preparation of documents (Company Constitution, Company Extract, etc.);
  6. Application for Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) Endorsement or MIC Permit under the Myanmar Investment Law (2016).

Corporate secretarial services

MLR Company Limited is fully skilled in handling corporate secretarial services and combines with its comprehensive understanding of clients’ industry and business. We assist our clients in:

  1. Ensuring compliance with corporate law and regulations and the company’s constitution;
  2. Monitoring and updating of corporate calendar;
  3. Providing assistance to remedial work to regularize anomalies and to remedy compliance failings identified during the status check and statutory review procedures;
  4. Convening, holding and drafting of all minutes of board of directors and general meetings of shareholders;
  5. Convening, holding and drafting of the minutes of directors and extraordinary shareholder meetings connected with non routine even-driven activities and project work;
  6. Constitutional changes e.g. changes of company name, registered offices, business objects, financial year, increase/decrease of registered share capital, etc;
  7. Changes in the management (resignation, removal and appointment of directors);
  8. Voluntary liquidations and delisting of companies and branches;
  9. Simple share transfers; share issues and transfers;
  10. Translation of documents.

Corporate & Finance Due Diligence

MLR Company Limited provides services related to Corporate & Legal due diligence and takes parts in the Finance due diligence process during Merger and Acquisition deals:

  1. Vendor due diligence;
  2. Buy side due diligence.
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