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Social Security Law (2012)

Section 3: The objectives of this Law are as follows:

(a) Causing to support the development of the State’s economy through the increase of production to enjoy more security in social life and health care of workers who are major productive force of the Union by the collective guaranty of the employer, worker and the Union for enabling to fulfill health and social needs of the workers;

(b) Causing to enjoy more security in social life and health care by the public by their voluntary insurance;

(c) Causing to raise public reliance upon the social security system by providing benefits which are commensurate with the realities;

(d) Causing to have the right to draw back some of the contributions paid by the employers and the workers as savings, in accord with the stipulations;

(e) Causing to obtain the right to continued medical treatment, family assistance benefit, invalidity benefit, superannuation benefit, survivors’ benefit, unemployment benefit, the right to residency and ownership of housing after retirement in addition to health care and pecuniary benefit for sickness, maternity, decease and employment injury of the workers.