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Settlement of Labour Dispute Law (2012) (amended in 2014)

Section 23: A party, employer or worker, may complain individual dispute relating to his grievance to the Conciliation Body and if he is not satisfied with the conciliation of such body in accord with stipulated manners, may apply to the competent court in person or by the legal representative.

Section 24: The relevant Conciliation Body shall, in respect of the collective dispute known or received by the complaint of either party, employer or worker, in respect of the dispute; information sent by the Minister or the Region or State Government or any other means, carry out as follows:
(a) conciliating so as to be settled within three days, not including the official holidays, from the day of knowing or receipt of such dispute;
(b) concluding mutual agreement if the settlement is reached in conciliating under sub-section (a), before the Conciliation Body.