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Environmental Conservation Law (2012)

Section 3: The objectives of this Law are as follows:

(a) to enable to implement the Myanmar National Environmental Policy; (b) to enable to lay down the basic principles and give guidance for systematic integration of the matters of environmental conservation in the sustainable development process;
(c) to enable to emerge a healthy and clean environment and to enable to conserve natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations;
(d) to reclaim ecosystems as may be possible which are starting to degenerate and disappear;
(e) to enable to manage and implement for decrease and loss of natural resources and for enabling the sustainable use beneficially;
(f) to enable to implement for promoting public awareness and cooperation in educational programmes for dissemination of environmental perception; (g) to enable to promote international, regional and bilateral cooperation in the matters of environmental conservation;
(h) to enable to cooperate with Government departments, Government organizations, international organizations, non-government organizations and individuals in matters of environmental conservation.